Roland 706 LV Hiprint

Our prized possession, the brand new Man Roland 700 UV cum Conventional Press capable of printing six colour with online cotaing
both aqua and UV in addition to“drip-off”effects of UV coating and many more features that are unheard in this side of the country
in commercial printing area.This enables us to achieve the highest levels of quality with consistency with cvarious processes being
performend in one pass. Machine can :

1. Printing possible upto 1mm
2. 6 colors with Online Coating
3. 28” x 40” size
4. UV Press - Printing on Plastic and lenticular lens also possible that is popularly known as 3D images
5. 1st in Commercial Print segment in western India

Ryobi 664

The latest and the newer addition to our family, the brand nw RYOBI 684 OUR COLOUR WITH COATER PRESS, capable of printing four
colours-with online coating in te most ideal sheet size of 19 inchesx26 inches.This was also called popularly a single demi size in goof
olden days and still enjoys No. 1 position in commercial printing segment.As a mater of fact despite being a big hit,this size of machines
are very few now a ays in the industry for almost all the manufacturers have have stopped making this machine size and as
such this possession gives us an edge over our competition in this side of the country in commercial printing area.This enables us
to achieve the highest levels of quality with consistency with various processes being performed in one pass throgh highest levels of
atomization. Our machine can :

1. Do printing up to .8 mm thick substrate
2. 4 colours printing with online Coating
3. 19” x 26” Size
4. Highest productivity speed in this category

HP Indigo 5600 Press

The HP Indigo 5900 Digital Press is the entry point to HP Indigo’s offset-matching quality and versatility, driven by the latest innovations for smart and productive printing. Broad capabilities, including printing on synthetics and extra thick substrates, enable an extensive range of high-value applications and an unparalleled variety of colours.

1. Media compatibility - Textured | Lenticular (3D) | Boards | Non-tearable | PVC | PET | Teslin & PC | Metal Simulation Film | Magnets | Yupo

2. Prints up to 450 Microns for Short run on demand printed carton board applications extendable to folding cartons

3. Use invisible ink to produce high security ID cards, High value Coupons & tickets or issue invisible barcodes for inhouse processing and control

4. White ink on dark and transparent substrates for high-value, high impact commercial applications of all kinds, available only on HP Indigo.

Scodix Ultra Pro

The Scodix Ultra™ Digital Press and the Scodix Ultra Pro™ are the most productive in the series and enable commercial PSP’s and folding-cartons converters to produce tangible enhancements for a wide variety of applications; marketing literature, stationery items, book covers, boxes and premium packages, greeting cards, photo albums with VDP capabilities based on a barcode system, and more – the opportunities are endless.

Yangshun Lamination Machine

Automatic Feeder & Stacker
Speed 75 Mtr Min (7000 Sheets/Hr)
Max Size : 39.37”x42.5”, Min Size 11.8”x13.77”
Thickness range - 125 - 450 gsm
Thermal, Cold, Velevet, 3D, Hologram, Rainbow, Metpet

Kodak Trendsetter 800 Quantum CTP

We are equipped with state of the art Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system from Pre Press leaders Kodak Trendsetter 800 Quantum CTP with Automatic plate loading, exposing, processing and online stacking thereby removing the chances of any human error any time in the process.

Horizon VAC 600 HA

Automatic Gathering, Saddle Stitch & Trimming

Highly Automated System
ONline Gathering, Scoring & 3 Knife Trimming
Loop Stitching
Criss-cross gathering/Collating
5500 Booklets per-hour

Photofast Automatic Gluing and Pasting Machine

Profession photo books of extra large sizes
Automatic setup, quick production
Digital albums, photographical blocks & children books

SEI Dragon A02 80w CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraving Machine

Unlimited patterns of laser cuttings
Fastest machine in its category
Designed for the production of technical components, gadgets, acrylic display stands, inlay work, leather, paper, embroidery, converting etc

Aster Automatic Book Sewing Machine

Aster - Automatic Book Sewing Machine, is the state of the art equipment, from Meccanotecnica’ of Italy. It offers the features and engineering quality of premier technology. It has an amazing speed of producing 150 sections per minute.
An extraordinary compact design, with loading and unloading stations only 1 meter apart. Ergonomic design and just one safety front cover allow simple operation and easy access to the machine.

Post Press Horizon BQ 470 with three knife trimmers

Perfect Binding - Horizon BQ 470 

Automatic settings for various thickness of books within Seconds

4 clamp ie. 1500 books per hour

Online 3 knife trimming

Folder Horizon AFC 746S

Folder – Horizon AFC 746S

For pre- desired folding sequences and custom folds at a very high speed

Various size and folding sequence controlled by touch screen panel

All type of folds possible with six buckles and two knifes and one additional moving knife

Corporate gift printing in thane


SAKURAI M/C 102A Cylinder Screen Printing
Machine with TRUMAX UV & IR Dryer. Size 72 x 102cm