Rigid boxes are the preferred choice for premium packaging and gift packaging. Rigid boxes are not directly printed like folding cartons, rather the print is done on a separate substrate and than adhered to plain box which is upto 4 times thicker than the normal folding carton.

Rigid boxes have lot of manual work and may not require dies or expensive machinery. Same like the folding carton, rigid boxes can also have windows, different kind of foiling / uv / itching, compartments and all other elements.

There is lot of detailing and care in manufacturing a rigid box. Most of the time, primary reason of preferring rgid box is making something premium packaging or gifting for premium products.

For years Rigid box packaging is explored for jewelry packaging, packaging of watches, cosmetic packaging, festival and wedding gifting and such exclusive once in a lifetime occasion. Premium perfume boxes are also rigid boxes.

There are many important aspects of rigid boxes which are overlooked and people think only about the appearance aspect of rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are not only attractive but they are very very durable and even last for a lifetime. Our valuable items like watches or products with crystal or glass effects are safe in a rigid box. Rigid boxes also comes with hinges making it even more safer from accidentally falling off and damaging the product.

It is easy to keep rigid boxes any where on the shelf or in the cupboard along with other item without worrying of bending or folding of box.

Rigid boxes are of various types, few of it are :

1. Book Style

2. Collapsible or Foldable

3. Custom Shape

4. Hinged / Flip Lid

5. Lift-off / Detachable Lid

6. Magnetic Lock

7. Match Slide Style

8. Partial Cover

9. Sholder Neck

10. Round Shapes

We specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes with special effects. You can now print gold / silver / uv on rigid boxes through a complete digital process. This digital process prints foil / uv flawlessly on the packaging or gifting box.

Premium products are associated with finesse and delicacy, this impressiveness can now also be achieved on your premium packaging boxes. Our scodix ultra pro digital foiling / uv / texture system prints accurately on the desired area. This is done through OPA marking system. The laser technology inside the machine picks up the sheets exactly at the OPA marks so there is no possibility of gold / silver foiling , uv or texture effects getting at wrong position.

There are few of the effects we could do on rigid boxes :

1. Matte/Gloss Lamination

2. Spot UV / Soft-Touch

3. Gold / Silver Foiling

4. Embossing / debossing

5. Leather / Wooden effect

6. Metallic effect

If you are looking forward for sampling ? than we have dedicated design and mockup team which can get you exact dummy identical to your final product.

Expertise of our team is complimented by our offset digital machine – HPINDIGO 5600. This machine prints colors which are very close to the print done on the offset machines.

We can also print pantone colors or white ink on dark substrate of your packaging through our digital systems.

Prints coming out of HPINDIGO 5600 are further enhanced by printing gold / silver / uv / texture effects over it through our latest digital special effects machine Scodix Ultra Pro.

We are the only company to own Scodix Ultra Pro in the region.

Going ahead from HPINDIGO 5600, Scodix Ultra Pro, your product gets into hands of our expert mockup team. This team finely crafts your mockup, giving it exact shape and finish close to the final product which we are going to deliver.

You can request a digital offset-production grade dummy and feel the exact product before placing the order.


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