Are you looking for catalog printing ? We have state of the art technology for you. You are welcome to visit our manufacturing unit to see great inspirational catalogs we have done for our clients.
Our facility can print high quality impressions on various medias from paper to rigid pvc to transparent sheets and more. Catalog printing has gone to much advanced level from just being a 4 color printing on paper to a very premium quality brand building tools.

You can explore and combine various medias with multiple specials effects and make a great catalog which truly differentiates your brand and gets atention of your prospects.

5 color printing is advicable for brands which are looking forward to maintain color consistency of their brand color on all the printed material.

There are plenty of coating options available with us for further enhancing your brand catalog. Varnish a& Aqueous coating comes in Gloss, Matt and Satin types and is used on special or uncoated papers.

The purpose of coating apart from making it appear good is avoiding set off or spread of inks from one sheet to another sheet during the production process.

One of the coating option available on our brand new Manroland machine is Drip Off coating. It is a special form of coating where the untextured area will have a high gloss effect while textured area will have a repellent effect.

It is called drip off because of the area where the primer and coating has got mixed thereby creating a repelent effect. The are where the primer was not applied appears high gloss so there is clear differentiaton between the gloss area drip off area.

Moreover it is the combination of oil based primer with water based coating and ofcourse the UV lights.

We claim to have one of the best drip off effects in the industry because of our machines being not only brand new but also all the add on components like UV lights are company fitted. We can achieve medium to strong structures by adjusting the primer / coating application amount and the settings of UV lights.

Ultra-Violet versions of CMYK and Pantone Inks is used for premium printing.

We can show exact offset quality dummy of your catalog through our digital offset machine – HPINDIGO 5600. The digital print quality achieved through HPINDIGO 5600 is very close to final production quality printed through offset proces.

Apart from offset quality printing, we have specialized team for making mockups. Based on your inputs our team can create pop up elements in your catalog.

The quality and service what we deliver is unmatched and we have everything in-house under one roof. You don’t need to move from one vendor to another for various processes.

We are the only company to have direct computer to machine digital Gold / SIlver foling and UV system – Scodix Ultra Pro.

Scodix Ultra Pro can print gold, sliver and UV effects in various textures on your catalog pages directly through machines. This process does not requires any dies, molds or screens. It’s the fastest technology available for printing gold, silver and uv effects.

Moreover this print quality is flawless due to it’s unique laser system which uses OPA marks to pick the sheets. Due to this system the gold / silver foil takes place very accurately exactly at the desired or marked process.

One more speciality of printing gold / silver / uv on your catalogs using Scodix technology is that it leaves no impression marks at the backside of the page as opposite to printing gold / silver through traditional hot foiling method.

You are welcome to visit our factory and experience our technology and quality.